Introducing Best Share it alternative : Xender App

Share It Alternative

“Share It” is an Android application made by the mobile manufacturing company Lenovo, and is available pre-installed on all of the Lenovo Devices. But, you can still install it on non-Lenovo smartphones from the Google Play Store. Share It allows users to transfer files at lightning speed across devices as it uses Wi-Fi Direct technologies. But for some reason, if you don’t like the interface or the features that Share It comes with, we have another alternative for you, Xender

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What is Xender?

Xender is similar to Share It and is built to do the same job, i.e. to transfer files. Xender comes with a lot of flexibility to choose your operating system within which, Android, iOS and Windows Phone is supported. If you are planning to transfer files between your mobile and your computer, you will be happy enough to know that Xender uses Web Client, which means that every operating system is supported, from Windows, Mac OS X and even Linux.

How to Download Xender?

In order to transfer files across different platforms, you need to download xender on both the devices, much like what you would have done in the case of Share It.
Follow the steps to install it: 

  • Go to Google Play Store / App Store / Microsoft Store if you are using an Android / iOS or Windows Phone Device.
  • Search for “Xender”
  • Download and Install It. (Please note that the time taken to install the application depends upon your internet connection.)

How to Transfer Files with Xender?

With the help of Xender, you can transfer files either between two mobile devices, or with a computer.

To Transfer Across Mobile Devices


In order to connect any device running the same operating system, tap on “+” and click on create group on one device and join to the group you just created from another device by tapping “Join Group”.

If you want to transfer files to a device running a different operating system, select the respective operating system after you tap on the “+” icon. The mobile operating systems supported till now are Android iOS and Windows Phone OS, but you get much limited features on iOS.

To Transfer Files with your Computer

If you want to transfer files between your computer, you’ll be needing xender for pc , simply tap on “+” icon and then “Connect PC”. If your phone and your computer are on the same network, simply open No doubt you can also run xender for mac without facing any trouble.

When you head over to, you need to scan the QR code to get access. If you use the alternative way, simply click on “Accept” on your phone, when it asks for permission. Now you will get access to the Web Client from where you can start transferring files.

Please note that the speed at which the files will get transferred depends completely on your phone and your Wi-Fi router.

Xender is a must have application for any Android/iOS/Windows Phone device because it enables you to share files wirelessly without using a USB or a lightning cable. It saves up a lot of time and removes the hassle faced during a wired data transfer.