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Xender for Laptop Download *for Free(with & Without Bluestacks)

Xender for Laptop : Xender is one of the most popular applications for mobile devices. Xender for PC lets it users transfer files over different mobile platforms. The file transfer speed is surprisingly fast and at least 20 times faster when compared to bluetooth file transfer. Xender is available for all the major mobile platforms including iOS, Android and Windows Phones. Users can transfer files even when the mobile platform of receiver is different than that of the sender. However, people get disappointed when they come to know that Xender cannot be downloaded and used on Desktop PCs or Laptops. But I love to break it to you that Xender can definitely be downloaded and used on PC with the help of bluestacks. And not just one, there are two methods to download and use Xender for PC i.e, xender download on pc with bluestacks and xender app on pc without bluestacks.

Also checkout about Xender App here. Their are many methods like installing Xender for Mac along with for laptop also. Xender is the best app for file transfer.
The first method includes downloading and using Xender for pc or on your laptop with the help of an Android emulator on PC ‘Bluestacks’ and the second method without using Bluestacks. Let us start with the first method.

Below you can download Xender for your Laptop

Download Xender for Laptop for free with Bluestacks

This is the first method which involves using Bluestacks to download Xender for Laptop / PC on windows 7/ 8 or 8.1. Follow these steps to download Xender on your Laptop with BlueStacks for windows 10 or any other version.
  • Download Bluestacks and install it on your Laptop. You can download Bluestacks from its official site. Just search for ‘Download Bluestack’ on Google.
  • Once you have downloaded Bluestacks, install it on your Laptop.
  • When you open Bluestacks, you will see that its interface is very similar to that of an Android device. Now search for ‘Xender’ in Bluestacks’ search bar and install the appropriate application.
  • Then go through Xender setup.
  • Now, simply open Xender and start sharing.
That’s it, guys. This was the first way of installing Xender on your laptop. Now, let us jump on to the second method which states that how you can download and use Xender on your Laptop without Bluestacks.

Download Xender Setup for Laptop for free without Bluestacks

In this method I will show you how you can download Xender for your Laptop and PC  without using Bluestacks that too easily on windows 7/8/10. This method involves downloading Xender for Laptop with another Android emulator ‘Youwave’. Follow these steps to Download Xender for Laptop with Youwave. You can download xender apk using the method and can install it on your PC.

  • Download Youwave and install it on your Laptop. Download Youwave from its official website which you can easily find out by searching on Google.
  • Once you have downloaded the setup of Youwave, it is now time to install it on your Laptop.
  • Install Youwave on your Laptop and find the location ‘C:\Users\[user-name]\YouWave\’. This is the location where you have to put the apk file of the app which you want to use. And in this case, you have to put Xender’s apk file here.
  • Now look for the ‘view’ option at the top side of Youwave. Click on ‘Redraw Icons’ and now you will be able to see Xender in the app menu.
  • Run the app and enjoy.
That’s all, folks. This was the second method to install Xender on your laptop for free. You can also use this method on PC if you want to. Youwave is a great alternative to Bluestacks, so that is why we put it in the second method.

Final Verdict

In this tutorial, we covered two methods by which you can download Xender app for your laptop for free. You can follow any of these two methods to Download Xender for laptop. Also, we hope that you are now able to run Xender on your laptop. We hope that you liked the tutorial and it was able to clear your doubts and guide you in install Xender on your laptop. But still if you have any sort of doubts or queries then feel free to leave them in the comments section below and if you know any other alternatives which users can use to download Xender on their Pc or if you want to share any of your opinions on the topic then you are most welcome in the comments box.

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  1. There is no way you can download this for PC / Laptop. There are many articles on it but none gives you proper link to download the application. It Sucks.